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#BOOK REVIEW ~ #Conflicted Hearts by #D.G. Kaye

Conflicted Hearts

Debby Gies‘ aka author D.G. Kaye‘s book, Conflicted Hearts, moved me in ways I can barely explain. Below is my 5-star review, which I also posted to Amazon. If you aren’t already familiar with Debby and would like to learn more about her, please visit her sites:

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Conflicted Hearts by D.G. Kaye reads like a personal conversation between two best friends. The level of intimacy shared by the author is second to none of any self-help book I’ve read to date; and I’ve read many.

D.G. Kaye Author

I refer to Kaye’s memoir as a self-help book because it reflects timeless struggles we all share and reveals the author’s many attempts at dealing with them – some successful, some not.

Kaye draws us into a world of deep and conflicting emotions, where she struggles to find balance and a semblance of inner peace. Her mother – demanding and narcissistic – thought only of herself and disregarded the needs of her family, especially those of her children and husband. This propelled the author, the eldest of her three siblings, to step up to the plate and act the parent. In so doing – coupled with also attempting to meet the needs of her mother and father – she forfeited her childhood. As an adult, it took many years for her to reconcile her own needs with those of her mother.

The candor and intimacy shared by the author often brought me to tears, as I reflected on the similarities in my own life. I had read a few chapters when I had to put the book down due to illness. When I picked it up again a few weeks later, I became so engrossed that I read straight through to the end.

For me, the mark of a good book is one that pulls us out of our rote way of life and immerses us in another world, broadens our imagination, heightens our level of awareness, or deepens our life experience. A book that does two or more of these is exceptional. Conflicted Hearts is one such book. It left me emotionally stirred in a very positive way.

Any book that moves me to reflection is a book I will always carry in my heart. Thank you, D.G. Kaye, for this timeless gift …


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  1. I don’t know what words I have left for this riveting and heartfelt review Tina. I’m truly humbled not only for the beautiful review, but for the way this book made you feel. Thank you so much for taking the time to read and write this most inspirational review. It is reviews like this that keeps an author inspired to write! Thank you my dear friend. You can be sure this is getting reblogged!!!! ❤ ❤

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  2. That is a heart-wrenching review, I can understand how much emotion the author must have poured into this book and how she could have felt when she was putting the agony of a lost childhood into words. Thank you for sharing it…it is indeed inspiring!

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