Preparing for the New Age

Image is courtesy of Lucie Stastkova
Image is courtesy of Lucie Stastkova

2012 is nearing its end, and December 21st is quickly closing in.  What have we done to prepare ourselves for the new age we are about to enter – the Golden Age of Enlightenment?  Our planet is undergoing a significant transformation.  Her vibration is accelerating as she approaches a higher dimension of existence.  Are we prepared for this quickening?

Purification of body, mind, emotions, and spirit is essential if we are to match the frequency to which Mother Earth is ascending.  It is imperative that we resonate in harmony with her and the cosmos if we are to continue.  We must fully develop compassion, tolerance, forgiveness, gratitude.

Whenever I find myself having difficulty or in a troubled state, I become still, close my eyes, and begin thinking of and feeling all the things for which I am grateful.  I have discovered that once I immerse myself in gratitude, my heart opens, my spirits begin to lift, and I am able to function again with clarity.  Once we move into gratitude, we can go anywhere!  Our consciousness is raised and our heart expands.  Compassion, tolerance, and forgiveness become readily accessible. In this illumined state of being, we emanate – and become – LOVE.

Enjoy this video of our beautiful Mother Earth…

Namaste, my friends ❤ Tina

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