Problem, Lesson, or Opportunity?

Image is courtesy of Lucie Stastkova
Image is courtesy of Lucie Stastkova

When faced with a problematic situation where emotions are running high, knowing what to do can be difficult.  Rational thinking is often obscured, and we find ourselves in a circular thought process.  We may become angry and want to place blame on others.  We may become obsessed with the particulars and drill ourselves into a suffocating hole.  We may become utterly frustrated and simply bury our head in the sand.  Or we may do all the above and become unable to focus and have difficulty sleeping.  None of these approaches will get us anywhere, and all of them will most likely bury us in resentment.  So what to do?

First, we need to relax.  Listen to soothing music, take a long bath, do some relaxation exercises, run a marathon – whatever relaxes the body, mind, and emotions.

Next, it’s often wise to table problem-solving for a day or two.  I find that distraction works best.  Go to the movies.  Visit and have fun with friends.  Do arts and crafts.  Whatever pulls our thoughts away from obsessing is the direction to go.

After a few days away from the problem, we may now be able to focus on a solution.  An optimist by nature, I usually look at the glass as half full.  Is there a lesson I need to learn?  Is this an opportunity for growth?  When asking myself these questions, I sometimes find my raw emotions rearing their heads, trying to pull my thoughts back toward the negative.  But the few days of refreshment I allowed myself usually pay off and afford me the strength to focus my intention on finding a rational solution.

Our attitude exhibits how we discern whether something is a problem or opportunity.  Is there a trade-off for wallowing in the negative?  If so, what is it?  Does it serve or does it hinder?  Many times the solution lies in whether we’re willing to take our personal power.  Are we ready to own what is ours and shed what isn’t?  Are we willing to let go dysfunctional habits and ways of being?  And there’s the rub.  Often, letting go isn’t as easy as acquiring.  Old habits are familiar territory.  If we walk away from them, where will we go?  And what will fill the void?

The truth is, we can’t always control how a new experience will play out.  In fact, we often feel that we’re merely along for the ride.  Yet this is the opportunity.  And we can control our choices.

So the question isn’t whether something is a problem, a lesson, or an opportunity.  The question is:  What attitude am I sporting?  Am I ready to shed my old skin and reveal the tender beauty beneath?  Our new self deserves the opportunity to experience the world and grow ever more beautiful.

We were born onto this earth plane to become enlightened.  But because enlightenment is new territory, we fear it.  Moving into gratitude can quell this fear.  Gratitude fills us with love, joy, compassion.  And when we’re sitting in gratitude, anything is possible…

Until the next time, my friends…  Namaste

Namaste, my friends ❤ Tina

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