By Andrew Joyce 
June 13, 2015
5 out of 5 stars

I was given this book (paperback) as a gift.

The story put chills up and down my spine.  Ms. Frisco was either inspired or she did her homework.  This is what life is all about.  I want to thank you, Ms. Frisco, because for a few hours you brought me home.  And one more thing:  the device of coming up with the language was pure genius.  I wish that I could write like you.

by Emily Gmitter  
May 24, 2015
5 out of 5 stars

I loved everything about this book – from the storyline to the well-developed characters, to the imaginative language used to create the world of The People.  Words and terms uniquely intuitive, causing no disruption in the reading.  That is a skill all on its own.  We meet the lead character, W’Hyani, as a young girl of 15 years, a girl who lost her parents at an early age, a girl who is predestined to become the leader of The People.  The author takes us on a delightful journey with W’Hyani, her family and friends, and during all of their adventures, I marveled at the goodness of heart, pureness of soul, and strength of character shown by The People, but especially by this young girl.  When W’Hyani reunites with the parents she thought were dead, they are in the Cave of Illumination, where everything, for both the characters and the readers, becomes crystal clear.  I will say no more–no spoilers from me!  Besides, I could not say it anywhere near as well as Ms. Frisco already did.  This is an important book and I highly recommend it.  The events in the Cave of Illumination is supposed to be the ending, a beautiful and hopeful ending.  The big surprise is that, for many, it will be the beginning.

by Janice Spina
Award-Winning Author
December 2014
5 out of 5 stars

This book, Plateau: Beyond the Trees is a book like no other I have ever read. It tells a story about a native society of folk who live life in a simplistic way off of the earth. They treat each other and all creatures as precious commodities and don’t understand any other way of life. The story centers on a brave, resilient and exceptional young girl who learns about life in her coming of age. She is destined to be the keeper of the crystal which will change all mankind. W’Hyani doesn’t realize her importance until she is gravely tested during one of her sojourns beyond her village where she encounters a strange creature.

The verse intermittently dispersed between chapters by Lynn V. Andrews from The Power Deck Cards, is eloquent and mixes well with the story leaving the reader with a feeling of hope and promise of a better future. This is a powerful book that swept me away to another land and time and made me appreciate the power of positive thinking and the power of the Almighty. Tina Frisco is a tremendously talented author with great promise who is destined to become a powerful influence in the literary world.

by Jan Sikes
Allen, TX
November 21, 2014
5 out of 5 stars

Beautiful wisdom! If I had to describe this book in two words, that would be my choice. Author, Tina Frisco, captivated me from the very first page of the book. I loved that she shared a card from the Lynn V. Andrews Power Deck at the beginning of each chapter. It set the tone for the content of the chapter.

I loved journeying with the E’Ghali tribe as they helped their young mahino and womyn become enlightened and prepared to share their gifts and talents with the earth in the many years to come. The ceremonies performed by the people were described in vivid detail and I could easily put myself there in the middle of the DaeLunih (Full Moon Ceremony), smelling the sage, the campfire and the other herbs used by the tribe.

I was left with wanting more of the story. I hope Tina Frisco is planning a second part of this story as I need to know what happened to RoDinjah on his vision quest!

Thought provoking, spiritually enlightening and entertaining is what you’ll find in the pages of Plateau: Beyond the Trees, Beyond 2012.

by Kharis A. Macey
Ocean Grove, NJ
June 21, 2014
5 out of 5 stars

“You have the choice to nourish or you have the choice to destroy with your power,” is the statement made by Ruby Plenty Chiefs, and which begins the Prologue of Plateau, a superbly written book by Tina Frisco. In this spiritually guided story, the readers are introduced to the E’Ghali culture and its people in the experience shared by a young indigenous womon, W’Hyani, and guidance of the Power Deck Cards. In these pages, it is learned that to gain insight and meaning of life, one must observe and adhere to the value of each card; in doing this, it allows the individual to connect their physical life and their spiritual life on a conscious plateau.

This integration creates the balance necessary for a worthwhile existence as intended by The Great One. In practicing these values, the readers would begin to experience a change from living primarily in the physical world to the shift of integrating both worlds- the physical and the spiritual. The values of these cards are as follows: Feminine, Innocence, Balance, Strength, Flow, Aspiration, Virtue, Offering, Wisdom, Commitment, Humor, Truth, Force, Grief, Release, Nurturing, Unknown, Centering, Perfection, Vision, Witness, Magic, Impeccability, Intuition, Creativity, Trust, Destiny, Illumination, Quickening, Individuality.

by JC
October 19, 2013
5 out of 5 stars

Our civilization in our time has been able to reach the moon; we have controlled the forces of nature to channel energy to fuel our cars and homes; we can have clean water at the turn of a knob; food is available to a large part of our vast population; we can spend hot summers eating ice cream and cold winters warmed inside our buildings; information is widely available and we can reach to our friends from across the globe.

We are rich in so many wonderful ways. But we are also poor. A huge number of us go without food everyday; many countries are devastated by war, slavery or sickness; corruption is incredible high at some places; women are still abused physically and emotionally and we all experience different levels of violence in our daily life.

When I lived in Mexico, the corruption and violence levels were very high and I don’t think they have come down since I left. Abuse and bullying in public schools reached a point where many parents were concerned about the K-12 program: they wanted less emphasis on math and sciences and wanted more attention put to the education of values.

But I don’t think values have to be taught at school. I think the most important part of education has to come from the parents at home: that is their job and their mission. It is an act of cowardice to try to push our own mission into the teacher’s work.

The E’Ghali, the People in Tina Frisco’s book are also rich. They don’t have computers, running water, heaters or fridges. But they have and uphold wonderful values; values not strange to us, yet… presented somewhat differently.

Through living and upholding fiercely these values, they have achieved a happy community. Tina shows us, through the E’Ghali’s eyes, love, religion, sex, courage, friendship, honesty and many other morals.

In Plateau, we read many small histories and adventures featuring different people from the Village and particularly, we follow the life of W’Hyani, the Keeper of the Crystal Heart. W’Hyani falls in love with RoDinjah and this love will prove to be the biggest challenge in the life of the Keeper.

Tina herself asks us the question “Will love prevail over fear?” She answers the question on the very last page of her book. Still, it seems she is setting us for a second part of her story; a second part that, if written, will be very interesting. I am betting that it may be even better than the first book!

Tina not only has a unique style in her writing: her different view on some values that we thought were written in stone is refreshing and unsettling. Her book needs to be read slowly to be thoroughly enjoyed.

I will certainly recommend Plateau, but I have a question for the author that I am posting here publicly:

Tina, when can we expect the second part?

by Martha Jette
Hamilton, Ontario
August 24, 2013
4 out of 5 stars

Tina Frisco is an author who packs a book-sized message into a relatively small ebook. That message: throw away your doomsday visions and embrace the joy of life instead.

Through the eyes of a Native society that one might instinctively consider uncivilized, the wisdom of its elders – long lost to city folk – comes shining through. We read about one of the E’Ghali’s youngest members – a girl named W’Hyani. We follow her as she embarks on great adventures, stares fear in the face, and enjoys the simplicity of life and beauty of nature. Most of all, she learns about love and embraces the age-old wisdom of her tribe.

The author presents an interesting story peppered with quotes Lynn V. Andrews’ The Power Deck. Each card in the deck focuses on the specific message she wishes to impart and provide inspiration that backs up the story line.

The message imparted is an important one especially now in the 20th century when people scurry like frantic animals trying to make a living and providing for their families. We no longer have the luxury of languid hours spent simply enjoying nature and connecting with our true selves.

The author reminds us that it is vital for us to steal those precious moments to look inward – to realize how we treat others, as well as Mother Earth. Only by extinguishing all thoughts of greed, hate and envy, as well as any desires to cause harm to others or nature can we once again return to the ideals imparted by our ancestors. By becoming enlightened with love and gratitude for life, the human race will be able to acknowledge from whence it came and where it should be going.

Plateau – Beyond the Trees, although quite short, gives the reader much to ruminate on and is best consumed in small doses at a time. The only faults one could find with this work are perhaps an over-abundance of adjectives that tend to make reading somewhat cumbersome. It also takes some time to get used to the characters’ names and positions within the tribe. Some flipping back to an index is definitely required.

by Mamta Madhavan
for Readers’ Favorite
5 out of 5 stars

Plateau – Beyond the Trees, Beyond 2012 by Tina Frisco is a book with spiritual undertones. The protagonist is a 15-year-old tribal girl, W’Hyani. She is born as the keeper of the Crystal Heart which is the key to the Great Mosaic of Life. This Great Mosaic of Life enables you to live beyond 2012. The message of opening your heart to receive and to practice gratitude and compassion forms the basis of the book.

This is a very positive book which speaks about life and the wisdom of elders who guide you. It elevates the reader’s consciousness and takes them to another, higher plane. Human beings are told not to harm anyone and to admire the beauty given to us by the universe. The book tells us to love people and overcome the fear that prevails around and within us.

The book touches on shamanism and the spirit of South American beliefs. The essence of life, the universe, and human interactions are brought to light and it gives readers awareness about the universe and the questions and cosmic forces surrounding it. The book speaks about compassion and gratitude, and tells us to practice this all the time for a better world. The role of human emotions and how they affects us is discussed in detail. The book is insightful and very profound.

by Feather Redfox
Santa Fe, New Mexico
August 4, 2013
5 out of 5 stars

Just wanted to let you know, I started your book but got distracted from it then the other night I was looking in a notebook that opened to a page in the middle of it and I began reading again even though it wasn’t where I had left off. Your writing is beautiful and there are so many wise insights there. I found myself wanting to underline as is my habit with good books. Thank you so much for sharing your book PLATEAU with many of us.

by Linda J Heil
Pittsburgh, PA
May 4, 2013
5 out of 5 stars

The author, Tina Frisco, is a friend from high school. There were a few friends from high school who met with her. She was very happy to hear I read the book. It is a book which takes you to another place which was totally removed from the world as we know it.. But yet, there was so much to learn from the people of the world. It will take you to higher level of thinking and into a peaceful, meditative state of mind. I am waiting for the sequel.

by Nancy E. Robertson
San Jose, CA
December 21, 2012
5 out of 5 stars

Tina Frisco has penned a riveting little book that packs a big message as it gently challenges the reader to search for answers on how to restore and sustain our Mother Earth.  The author is a natural storyteller, and the action quickly flows along with a lyrical sense of optimism and wild adventure, each chapter introduced by selected The Power Deck cards from Lynn V. Andrews, shaman and author of the Medicine Woman series.

Plateau: Beyond the Trees, Beyond 2012, introduces the reader to a wonderful new young female warrior/leader who is brave and kind, humble and smart, respectful of all life.  What will happen to W’Hyani when she leaves the special land of her people?  What will happen to the outside world after December 21, 2012?  I hope this talented writer will reveal more in the future.

by Pat Regan
Southport, Lancs, UK
November 27, 2012
5 out of 5 stars

Tina’s work is interesting and thought-provoking.  She states that this patriarchal world fears the feminine aspect and this is quite true. Monotheistic thought process/indoctrination of the masses has ensured that the divine feminine aspect, i.e. the “Goddess,” has been cleverly demoted in favour of the male aspect, which is of course the God.  Such imbalance leads us all astray in the end. I have covered this situation myself in many of my own writings including “The New Pagan Handbook.”  Tina’s work is well worth considering.



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