Using the Seasons in writing – Guest Post…

A lovely piece by Jemima Pett on writing the seasons; or perhaps seasons that feel like characters? Hop over to Chris The Story Reading Ape’s blog to enjoy the charm of this article…

Chris The Story Reading Ape's Blog

15015705 - closeup of apples on tree in orchardImage licensed from 123RF Stock Photo Copyright bialasiewicz

I’m a big fan of September. It’s the time when the countryside takes on a mellow look, apples hang heavily off trees, and the harvests are in, or nearly so. Birds that have an autumn song to proclaim their territories are in full blast singing to keep away this year’s kids, who are now on the look out for their own patch.

Of course, it’s also back to school time; traffic patterns change, and life in your household probably returns to the ‘where’s my schoolbag?’ drama of the mornings.

The race is on to get back from work or school before it gets dark, snatching the last few minutes of daylight to do essential things outdoors, whether sport, gardening or playing with the animals in their pens or hutches. It’s why I have my guinea pigs indoors – nothing comes between us…

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