Inspiration often comes unexpectedly. Here is some of what I’ve learned on my journey ❤️

Donald Trump and the GOP Are Terrorists
Chaos: Blessing or Curse? 
What I Have Learned from Chronic Illness
Magic Is Absolute
Follow Your Passion
Darkness Defines the Light
Let Us Keep Our Hearts Open
Negative Self-Judgment
On Facing Death
Time Is an Illusion
Chronic Illness and Self-Acceptance
Now Is the Time for Love
Just Below the Margin
Tolerance Is a Double-Edged Sword
War: What Are We Doing to Our Children?
The Many Faces of Empathy
“I Love You” … Why Are We So Afraid to Say It?
Missed Opportunities
What’s Your Story?
Addiction and the Power of Letting Go
When I Am Not Enough
Rejection: The Ultimate Teacher
Love, Fear, and Gratitude
Problem, Lesson, or Opportunity?
What Is Success?

2012: A New Beginning
Preparing for the New Age
The Dawn of a New Era
A Message of Hope
Ancient African Prophecies

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"This is a brief life. But in its brevity it offers us Some splendid moments Some meaningful adventures" Rudyard Kipling

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О себе, о женщинах, об особенностях женского организма, об изменениях, связанных с возрастом. О красоте и здоровье, о том, чтобы сохранить их в условиях дефицита времени. О том, как сделать так, чтобы чувствовать себя королевой, чтобы окружающие видели её в вас.

The Last Chapter

"Life past, present, thoughts about the future, and ever changing world."

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