Chaos 3b

Chaos: Blessing or Curse?

This past winter was a difficult time for me. Family issues, chronic illness, and an irrational and unpredictable government challenged me to cope on a daily basis and left me depleted. I wanted to shut the door on the chaotic energies flooding my being, but empaths do not seem to have a choice in this matter. We can, however, choose the way in which we cope. Cope! I was in coping overload and heading for a meltdown. Then I came upon the two quotes in these images, and I remembered…


Chaos 3b
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We are in the storm before the calm. We are on the threshold of The Golden Age of Enlightenment, prophesied by the indigenous peoples of most cultures around the world. With renewed hope, my health began to improve.

If you find yourself tiring more easily, on an emotional roller coaster, readily distracted, searching for common words when
writing or conversing, or coping with myriad other anomalies of character and being, consider that you might be treading the
waters of chaos; a chaos not necessarily of your own making. But do not lose heart! We are exactly where we are supposed to be.

The Universe is cohesive, resilient, sweeping, and powerful.

As Above, So Below


Chaos 1b
Background image courtesy of Pixabay CCO


If we align ourselves with the dynamics of the Cosmos, we not only will endure, but also will expand and grow. If we brandish our medicine shields, be they physical or spiritual, we can use the
energy emitted by chaos to repel its onslaught. Our personal medicine is our spiritual power and energy. Good medicine is
sacred and healing. A medicine shield is the manifestation of an inner vision and is alive with its power.

Amidst the chaos rampant in our world today, we need to stand in our personal power and deflect the negative energies threatening to consume all that is good and just. I remind myself of this every minute of every day. Let us not lose touch with our personal power. Let us not lose sight of the goodness in each of us. Let us not lose touch with our hearts.

Love and blessings to all.
Until the next time, my friends . . . Namaste

 ©Tina Frisco 2018

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