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What’s Your Story?

LUCIE - Archer by Lucie Stastkova
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Our life is the story we tell ourselves. As we think, so our life unfolds. Energy follows thought.

Consider the laws of physics. Physics is the science of matter and motion. One of its foremost premises is that all matter converts to energy. Therefore, that which is not matter is energy. But what is energy? We can’t see it, yet we know it’s there. This is displayed when we flip a switch and the light goes on; when we accidently get shocked by an electrical current; when we sense someone is watching or following us; when we feel drawn to a stranger without explanation.

We react to this energy physically when we put our body – matter — in motion. We react to it mentally when we develop an opinion – thoughts — of a situation. And we react to it emotionally when we manifest our thoughts expressively.

Thought and emotion are very potent forms of energy. And, as with electricity, they must have an outlet or they’ll surge and blow the circuit. This occurs when we repress our emotions and don’t give them a voice. It also occurs when we repeatedly run a negative thought pattern, round and round and round again, moving but going nowhere. As this internalized energy seeks an outlet, it overloads our human circuit and results in physical, mental, and emotional distress.

If repressed emotion and negative thinking are powerful enough to cause dis-ease within, they’re certainly strong enough to affect that which is outside of us. A facial expression can speak louder than any words. And sometimes no expression at all – vocally or otherwise – can cause a reaction in someone else. Why? Because they sense the energy being emitted.

No being on this planet exists in a vacuum. If thought emits energy, than all the trillions of thoughts of all the billions of beings on Mother Earth must collide with, affect, and at times interact with each other. Can you imagine what the energy grid of our planet would look like if it displayed the thoughts of everyone on earth at any given time?

We are what we think. One of my favorite quotes is that of The Buddha:

All that we are is the result of what we have thought. The mind is everything. What we think, we become.

So what’s your story? Not the one you’re aware of. Not the one in your conscious mind. But the one running the show in your subconscious. The one wreaking havoc with your health. The one causing you to behave in ways you despise and would like to change. The one keeping you on an emotional roller coaster that alienates family and friends. The one holding you back from realizing your dreams.

This all-powerful, subconscious story emerges in layers. Don’t be tricked into thinking that you’ve discovered the whole story when the surface layers emerge. They’re just the beginning – the prologue. Go deeper. Keep going until you reach the epilogue. Don’t allow fear to prevent your reaching the roots. Face the fear head on and vanquish its power over you. Become the warrior.

Acknowledge each negative thought as you discover it, thank it for its usefulness, and then let it go. It’s important to acknowledge and thank these parts of ourselves, because they’re what brought us to where we are now – at the precipice of manifesting our dream.

Yet just as our subconscious story is layered, so too is the process of change. Our subconscious clings to the familiar. This is where our inner child resides, and she’s afraid of the unknown. We need to comfort and encourage her in order to effect lasting and meaningful change.

It’s okay to feel discouraged when we backslide. It’s natural. And it’s imperative that we allow ourselves to feel the emotion, to acknowledge it. It’s equally important to then thank it and let it go. Each time we let go, it becomes a little easier and it propels us forward. The process of letting go is the process of revisiting the past in order to move forward.

Energy follows thought. Our life is the story we tell ourselves. As we think, so our life unfolds.

What’s your story?

Until the next time, my friends . . . Namaste

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