Keep Your Heart Open

Image is courtesy of Lucie Stastkova
Image is courtesy of Lucie Stastkova

It’s easy to close our heart.  Not so easy to keep it open.  Or so it seems…

When we experience emotional pain, a common human response is either to fight or flee – react with anger or shut down.  Reactionary anger often creates difficulties, and stuffing our feelings is equally detrimental.

When we close our heart to one, we close it to all.  Closed is closed.  We’re then left having to choose when and to whom we open it.  This not only requires considerable effort and awareness, but also predisposes us to oversight.  Myriad wonderful experiences might escape our attention.  We’re now living on the sidelines of – or completely separate from – community.  And we find ourselves feeling alone and, perhaps, dejected.

So, what is a healthier response?  The key here is response, as opposed to reaction.  Counting to 10 might sound cliche, but it’s the most effective thing we can do.  Closing our eyes and taking in a few deep breaths will not only quell the urge to react, but it also will rally calmness.  A good thing to do at this point is move into gratitude.  Think of all the things for which we’re grateful.  Then take a moment to give thanks for all the good things in our life.

Now we’re in a place where we can view the cause of our pain as something (or someone) from which we can learn and grow.  We’re able to embrace the pain as a gift, rather than wearing it as an overcoat of trauma.  We’re able to take responsibility for our emotions, rather than deferring to an outside source.  When we own who and what we are, in totality, we tap into our personal power; we realize that if we created the pain, we also can assuage it.  And once we move into our power place, we’re able to choose how we respond, rather than react without awareness.  From this vantage point, we’re able to see that closing our heart is reactionary and not in our best interest.

All of this is a process.  It may take some practice to achieve moving into our personal power as an automatic response.  But to quote another cliche, “practice makes perfect.”  The ultimate goal is to live in our personal power, to live within a place of love – rather than fear – in our heart.  This is achievable.  And it’s our true nature.

When our heart is closed, we live in fear.  When our heart is open, we live in love.  Sounds simple.  Yet simplicity is the hallmark of inner peace.

Move into your personal power.  Learn to live there.  And you’ll walk in beauty throughout your life.

Until the next time, my friends…  Namaste


10 thoughts on “Keep Your Heart Open”

  1. only generous people keeps their hearts open. You need challenges today to make your mind work harder and faster. this may be what separates you from others and look good in others eyes. you creates success by strengthening the bonds of affection and advocating the interests of those near and cherished without strings attached.

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Namaste, my friends ❤ Tina

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