Preparing for the New Age

Lucie Stastkova
Image courtesy of Lucie Stastkova

December 22nd is quickly approaching as 2012 nears its end. We are about to enter The Golden Age of Enlightenment. What have we done to prepare ourselves for this new? Our planet is undergoing a significant transformation. Her vibration is accelerating as she approaches a higher dimension of existence. Are we ready to receive and endure the quickening?

Purification of body, mind, emotion, and spirit is essential if we are to match the frequency to which Mother Earth is ascending. It is imperative that we resonate in harmony with her and the cosmos if we are to continue. We must fully develop compassion, tolerance, forgiveness, and gratitude.

Whenever I find myself in difficulty or a troubled state, I become still, close my eyes, and begin recounting all the things for which I am grateful. I have discovered that once immersed in gratitude, my heart opens and my spirits soars, enabling me again to function with clarity. Once we move into gratitude, we can go anywhere. Our consciousness is raised and our heart expands. Compassion, tolerance, and forgiveness become readily accessible. In this illumined state of being, we emanate and become LOVE.

Enjoy this video of our beautiful Mother Earth…

Beautiful Planet Earth


Until the next time, my friends… Namaste ❤ 

©Tina Frisco 2012


Namaste, my friends ❤ Tina

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