Our Jogger – Guest Post by Emily Gmitter (by kind permission from Zoe)…

Thank you to Zoe the Fabulous Feline for giving her monthly blog spot to her person on The Story Reading Ape. Emily Gmitter speaks to the regret we feel for not offering a kindness, and then wishing we had when it was too late. Moving and thought-provoking… ♥

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Zoe here, I’m on a break, so I’m going to let my human have my spot this month, but I WILL be BACK.

It seemed the end of an era. I knelt beside the still body that was lying on the sidewalk in front of my house. I touched the back of my hand to his familiar face; it was cool to the touch. Not that I needed to do that; the thin skin on his face was a shade of bluish gray that indicated only one thing. I called 911 and waited for the paramedics to arrive.

Leaning against the stone wall in front of our home, I continued to stare at the body. I knew him, but I didn’t know him. Who were you?

In death, he did not seem as old as he had appeared when he was jogging through our neighborhood, which he did every day…

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9 thoughts on “Our Jogger – Guest Post by Emily Gmitter (by kind permission from Zoe)…”

  1. Thank you, Miss Tina. You are such a good friend, a pillar of support to all of us! I was happy to give up my spot, well, “happy” might not be the best word….anyway, there is a slight secret to confess, but I think I will leave that to my human.

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  2. Zoe forces my hand, Tina. This story is 99.9% true….Candi’s not with us anymore but our jogger is. I still see him doing his route, although not every day anymore and most times now it’s more of a walk. We all get old.

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      1. I hope so, Tina, I felt moved when I wrote it anyway, and hoped it came through. Because the most important part that is true is the fact that I (we) never have met the man, or acknowledged him as he passed by. Except when the hubby would bark at him and, afraid our jogger would hear him, would “smack him upside the head”! But you know what? The next time he “jogs” by me, I am going to nod his way.

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