Merry Christmas by Pixabay CCO

Happy Holidays!

My heartfelt thanks to all of you who have visited my blog and supported me this past year. Friends are a staple in life ~ always there, never forgotten.
Hugs to all of you ❤ 
Photo by Pixabay CCO
Image courtesy of Pixabay CCO
Like many of my blogger friends, I’ll be taking a short break during the holidays ~ time to reflect and recharge (and clean my house!).
The Little Drummer Boy is one of my favorite
Christmas songs. Here it is beautifully sung by Native American artist, Jana Mashonee. I hope it lifts your spirits, as it does mine.
May we all grow in compassion, tolerance, forgiveness, and gratitude. I wish you joy, love, peace, and laughter throughout this Holiday Season, and on to forever
Jana Mashonee

Featured image courtesy of Pixabay CCO