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Reblog ~ Max Boot: President Trump Has Been Working To Normalize Racism – Gronda Morin

My country, the United States of America, is teetering on the brink of plutocracy. Our current President, a clever but ignorant aspiring autocrat, feeds the racist and misogynist proclivities of a minority demographic on a daily basis. I’m tempted to qualify these statements in detail, but fellow blogger Gronda Morin already has. 
‘Good’ and ‘evil’ are relative terms. I see ‘good’ as that which advances the growth of the spirit, and ‘evil’ as that which subverts it. Manipulating the bigotry of others to suit one’s own purposes falls under the latter. I’m ever reminded of this quote attributed to Edmund Burke:


Edmund Burke Quote
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My country has awakened to the dangers of apathy, as evidenced by the plethora of activism across the nation. We have to keep our thumb on the pulse of current affairs, but we must not feed the beast of bigotry. I’m focusing my energy on the change I wish to see. My eyes are open, as my heart has always been.
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Max Boot: President Trump Has Been Working To Normalize Racism

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As a former republican until 2016, I have become painfully aware that there is a racist living in the white House but President Donald Trump could never have been elected without the help and support of the current republican party which created the environment to guarantee his success.

In 2013, I had started to become painfully aware of a strain of racism that had permeated the republican party to where I finally left it in 2016. It started with the Trayvon Martin case. Too many in my former party (2012-2013) were propping up as a hero the likes of a bum, George Zimmerman. Then there was the demonizing of Trayvon Martin as a pot smoking thug when he was just a kid walking home from a store. When George Zimmerman was declared “not guilty” by a Florida jury, a Pew poll indicated that the vast majority White older republicans favored this vote. This was my wake-up call.

Donald Trump speaks to the media at Pease International Trade Port in Portsmouth, N.H., on April 27, 2011, about the release of President Barack Obama’s release original birth certificate.
Donald Trump speaks at Pease International Trade Port in Portsmouth, N.H., on April 27, 2011, about the release of President Barack Obama’s release original birth certificate. (Image Getty)

Along came the democrat President Barack Obama (2008-2016). I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to push back on fellow republicans when they would spout their talking points, like President Obama was a Muslim, born in Kenya and not really an American. With rare occasions, did “we the people” hear FOX TV folks, and/ or republican leaders/  lawmakers out-rightly and firmly denouncing this talk?

I recall one example when Senator John McCain was running for the presidency in 2002 when he graciously corrected a woman in his audience who referred to President Obama as a Muslim who hates the USA.

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34 thoughts on “Reblog ~ Max Boot: President Trump Has Been Working To Normalize Racism – Gronda Morin”

  1. It worries me that all the speech seems to come from Republicans these days. Where are the Democrats gearing up for battle in November. Where is their voice in Congress on the issue of Gun Control, where was it on the Great Tax Grant ?Are they in hibernation or just afraid knowing they’re still a minority and everything they say can be ignored? The people need to know they still have an opposition who can speak up for them, who have a plan of action should they get back in come November. C’mon Democrats, the eyes of the World are upon you to see if you can restore America to it’s rightful place among the other Nations and heal the environment with the Paris Accords and correct all the other disasters this excuse for a human being has created.
    Namaste and Massive Hugs Tina xxx

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    1. So nice to see you here, David. You’re a comfort to me ❤️
      Democrats have and continue to speak up publicly and in Congress. They’re interviewed often by news outlets like MSNBC and CNN. Because they’re the current minority in Congress, and because the Republicans have sold out and are blocking all legislation they write, other countries most likely don’t get news about their efforts. I’m on several Dems’ and Independents’ mailing lists and receive near daily emails with petitions to sign. Believe me, Dems are pulling out all the stops, which is why we’re winning or closing the gaps in predominantly red states. I’m focusing my energy on turning the tide in November. Join me! Hugs, my friend ❤️❤️❤️

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  2. Powerful truth Tina. I feel your pain girl. I feel the uprising has begun, protests, media finally calling out liar ‘n thief for what he is. November is coming, so many are speaking up reminding to vote for country not for party. The world is watching as we take our licks from his fallout too.
    Thanks for introducing to GrondaMorin blog. ❤ Big hugs xoxoxo

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    1. Yes, Deb, there’s a strong public effort to get out the vote, and the focus is on country not party. People are coming from a humanitarian place in their hearts and minds, which is unifying rather than divisive. Dialogue is growing among opposing sides and is key to unification. Trump is backhandedly making America great again 🙂 ❤️

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  3. The reckoning WILL come in November–and then in January when the new Congress takes office. Don’t believe the “generic ballot” baloney; look at what is happening in state and local elections around the country–not to mention special elections for Congress. The wave is still coming. If Mueller’s report comes out in September (we can hope!) it will be a big one!

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  4. We all need to use our talents/voices/action to restore some semblance of…what’s the word…democracy. I truly hope that we have a blue wave that washes over the country in these November mid-term elections. If Dems can get a majority in congress (as what happened to Obama), then we can at least keep crazy laws from passing and the appointments of crazy Justices. Ayayay. I just hope we don’t have to go through the horrors of what Germany/Europe did to make us understand the gravity of what’s going on…I can hardly watch the news anymore. In the meantime, I keep on dong so much inner-work so that I can be as strong as possible when it comes to standing up for what’s right…

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  5. Thanks for sharing this bold post Tina…racism is a never ending debate but the President of the most powerful nation has to choose his words carefully and here we have a loose cannon, hurling abuse at his countrymen, not caring what he is saying! Does he have any respect for anybody…the basics of humanity?

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    1. Welcome, Balroop. I truly think he’s a sociopath, devoid of conscience. Add narcissism to the mix, and the danger threshold goes through the roof. Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts ❤️

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  6. It’s amazing how two people can hear the same things and the takeaways are polar opposite. I have one piece of agreement: The silent majority is no longer silent. And that’s a good thing!

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  7. A great post to share Tina.. The effects of what happens over the Pond ripples right over the Ocean.. And I agree with many of your commentators here.
    We may not be able to change anything only with our votes, which is what the UK tried to do with EU and Brexit. As We were fed up of being controlled and taxed by those in power who have not been voted in.. Now they are so making a meal of Brexit as the Lords and Ladies of the land fear their meal tickets taken away..

    All we can do is be the change ourselves and keep working away as we do upon our selves. And we will see what goes around WILL come around eventually to those who think they are immune.
    But energy goes out in circles, and eventually it comes back to source.. So we are perhaps witnessing at the moment those who have risen, comes those who will fall..
    And we both know New Earth is only built after the old one crumbles.. I feel we will witness soon many events that will both shock and wake people up to their senses. As the domino effect will happen soon.

    LOVE to you my friend.. I feel for you in the USA.. Hugs to you ❤ Sue xx

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    1. You have spoken truth, Sue. We can’t give anything away ~ be it good or bad ~ for it always returns threefold. Like you, I sense karma waiting in the wings, and I continue to emanate positive energy. We can’t change a negative with a negative. We must feel, think, speak, and be Love. I hope things on your side of the pond change for the better soon. I appreciate your friendship and support more than I can say. Love and hugs to you, dear friend ❤️

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      1. Things will pan out as they are meant too.. All we can do is go into the centre of our own BEing and BE the best we can be.. Change is happening, And we both know Major Shifts are occurring in the Cosmos and being echoed in the physical. Those who now hold power think they have control.. I smile.. As nothing will prepare them for what is to come.. But we cannot dwell on the future, neither can we hold onto the past as some of these political leaders try to do..
        We all have to embrace the Present, the Gift of NOW. and Enjoy each Moment as it comes..
        Love and Blessings Tina.. And likewise.. we were destined to meet.. ❤

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          1. Yes, it will be a rude awakening to many Tina.. We who have already woken up years ago have seen how this world IS, and yet even we perhaps will still have our eyes opened some more.. With what is yet to come.. But at least we understand a deeper knowing. And see ALL things have purpose as harsh as they may seem..
            Sending love your way too.. and have a beautiful Sunday. ❤

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