10 thoughts on “And the World Just Watched”

  1. Absolute pathetic truth. Nobody learns. Only after they demolish and kidnap Ukraine and go forward to take over more countries, the lazy world may shake its head in disbelief. DO SOMETHING NOW! 😦 ❤

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    1. Right you are, Deb. Aside from the egregious inhumanity, this isn’t a war just between Russia and Ukraine. Putin is a power-hungry demon dead set on destabilizing/annihilating all the world’s democracies. Fear of nuclear retaliation is, in my opinion, a politically motivated excuse not to get involved with feet on the ground. Putin won’t risk his own demise, but he’s using the nuclear fear to push all boundaries in achieving his goals.

      I’m a pacifist, but my view of pacifism is slightly different than most. By not taking quick and decisive action to stop the monster, we become complicit in the war crimes and thus can no longer be considered a pacifist. It’s breaking my heart to watch this and feel powerless to intercede. Words become our weapons ❤️

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