Emily Johnson

Emily Johnson

Emily Johnson is a passionate writer and blogger.  She shares tips for writers on her website, OmniPapers, dedicated to helping writers improve their skills.

Welcome, Emily!


Tell us a little about yourself.  I live in New York.  I love the Big Apple a lot, as it inspires me.  Being fond of writing, blogging, and content marketing, I’ve decided to run my own site.  Now I write reviews on writing services for students.

When did you first start writing?  Since my early childhood, I have been writing.  At first, I wrote poems to my parents and friends.  Later, I started to write blog posts when I was a student.  I know that writing is my calling in life.

What authors have most influenced you? How and why?  I believe that reading can broaden our minds, so I like reading good books.  I love Ernest Hemingway and Franz Kafka the most, as these writers influenced me a lot.  Once Hemingway said, “When people talk, listen completely.  Most people never listen.”

For now, I use this quote in my life, and I am in love with books and writing.

What book first touched you deeply?  My first book was Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll.  Although it is a children’s book, it has a deep sense.  I still look it through to find some tips for life.  Thanks, Lewis!

What genres do you like to read?  Believe me or not, I love all genres!  I can find something interesting in science fiction, drama, and satire.  No matter what the genre is, read, explore, and analyze the book to find out more.

How do these books affect your writing?  Every time I read a book, I write down some interesting ideas, stylistic methods, and useful tips.  Then I use all these drafts while writing.  I believe that books do a lot to us writers.

Where do you like to write? Why?  To be honest, it doesn’t matter where I write.  I prefer to start writing when I have a muse.  Sometimes I can use ‘notes’ on my phone to write down drafts or ideas.  As people say, “Do what you love.  Love what you do”.

What time of day do you like to write. Why?  As you know, I love to write when I have a muse!  On average, I do it in the night, as I love this time a lot:  stars, silence, and your thoughts.  Of course, my friends can’t understand me, as they don’t work freelancing as I do.

E-book or paper ~ do you have a preference?  Living in the digital era, I need to get the most out of it, so I love e-books.  It is a technological miracle to have one gadget with so many books inside.  However, I prefer paper books, as they seem to be more “realistic.”  Reading these books, you can feel more as you think.

What subjects do you write about on your blog?  I run my own blog, OmniPapers, where I write reviews of writing services and tips for students.  It is not my duty, it is my pleasure.  Sometimes you can also find useful infographics or pieces of advice.  In short, writing and blogging mean a lot to me!

What advice would you give a new writer?  Read a lot.  That’s logical:  the more you read, the better you write.  Of course, you should practice a lot, and never give up.  Sometimes it seems that writing is not my calling, but I draw inspiration from things I love and start writing again!

What do you wish to say to your readers?  First of all, thank you for reading my articles!  It means a lot to me, as I see the importance of my works.  Plus, don’t hesitate to give me feedback.  I want to grow, so I need your pieces of advice.  Thanks, folks!

Learn more about Emily:   OmniPapers    Google+    Facebook

A few of Emily’s blog articles:  Easy Ways to Organize a Workplace;      6 Things You Do that Kill Your Productivity;  How To Get the Most Out of Running Your Business


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