Lucie Stastkova

Missed Opportunities

Image is courtesy of Lucie Stastkova
Image is courtesy of Lucie Stastkova

How many times have you heard yourself say: “I wish I’d said . . .”?  Sometimes we’re simply a little slow on the draw. But sometimes we hesitate, afraid to speak what we’re thinking and feeling. Maybe we’re afraid of not being liked. Maybe we’re uncomfortable with effusive reactions. Maybe we’re afraid of confrontation. Whatever the reason, it’s usually based in fear. And that’s really too bad, because we’ve missed an opportunity to grow.

How  many  times  have  you  heard  yourself  say:  “I wish I’d told           her . . .”?  If we’re reticent to pay someone a compliment — perhaps afraid they might question our motives — then we’ve robbed them and ourselves of a joyful moment. If we’re reluctant to offer someone criticism — perhaps unsure whether we’re capable of handling their reaction — then we’ve robbed them and ourselves of an opportunity to change.

And the world is in desperate need of heart-speak.

How many times have you heard yourself say: “I wish I’d done . . .”? Maybe it was something as lofty as starting your own business or as unimposing as dropping a dollar in the cup of a homeless person. But wherever it fell on the spectrum, it was a missed opportunity to act — perhaps even for the greater good.

And the world is in desperate need of heart-action.

If we’re motivated by love instead of fear, the consequences of our words and deeds can only be positive. This might not be comfortable, but it will grow our spirit and advance our soul as well as the soul of the recipient.

I’m not talking about quick-witted replies, off-the-cuff remarks, or spontaneous actions. Many of us aren’t endowed with sharp wits and swift reflexes.  I’m talking about those moments that give us pause; those moments when we feel something real stir deep within; those moments when we hesitate and then choose to withdraw. I’m talking about the opportunities we ignore within our relationships and encounters that we later regret having missed.

The good news is that often we can circle back, grab that opportunity, and then manifest something real, something substantial, something that will endure.

Don’t be afraid to speak and act from your heart. You’ll know it’s your heart rather than your mind compelling you, because you’ll feel a tingle in your solar plexus. In that moment, you’ll move out of your mind, step away from your ego, and simply give of yourself.

The trick is not to be attached to the outcome. If attachment applies, the motivating force might be fear rather than love.  And attachment is a whole other subject, perhaps one for a future post.

There is nothing more gratifying, more fulfilling, more enduring than speaking and acting from the heart . . .

Until the next time, my friends…  Namaste

© Tina Frisco 2016

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10 thoughts on “Missed Opportunities”

  1. Hi T. I just scampered over to your author page and found this profound and beautiful post. Maybe you should be repurposing some of your gorgeous posts since you’ve revamped your website. I’m willing to bet there are many eyes who’ve missed these treasures. ❤

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      1. Thanks T, it’s been an exasperating journey, I feel for you! I’m still working on putting new links everywhere and haven’t proofed the paperback yet, I’m wiped. I’ve been scarce too. Read my latest post, lol. We’ll catch up later in the week. ❤

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  2. Thanks, Tina. Debby’s idea is great. We all need inspiration and reminders. And it’s true that we’ll regret the things we didn’t do much more than those we did, especially if we felt them deeply. Namaste.

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    1. I appreciate your comment, Olga. And I’ll be following through with moving pages to posts as soon as the book is published. I need an assistant or two ~ and maybe a secretary. But don’t we all! ❤


Namaste, my friends ❤ Tina

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