Nostalgia Post No. 2: Recollections of the “Good Old Days” – Guest Post…

Lorinda J Taylor is a guest on The Story Reading Ape today, reminiscing about a time gone by ~ a time when happiness and fulfillment were achieved through lifestyle and rewarding relationships rather than the high-end technology of the present. Beautifully written, she captures the moment within a decade or so of her mother’s life in the Dust Bowl of southeast Colorado, just before, during, and after the Great Depression. A bit of nostalgia for those of us who remember our parents’ stories of this time, as well as for those of you who might have lived through it…

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I’ve decided to reminisce about what is an archaic time for many of you denizens of cyberspace who are in your 20s or 30s or even 40s.  And the time is the 1930s.

 And no, I don’t go back quite that far, but my mother did. 

Genevieve Raitinger, age ca. 20 SMALLMy Mother: Genevieve Raitinger, age ca. 20

She was born in 1909 and graduated from high school in 1927, right before the Great Depression.  Her father (my grandfather) was in some ways enlightened for his time.  He vigorously condemned smoking, maintaining that putting all that tar and nicotine into your lungs would kill you, and he counseled my mother  that she shouldn’t count on having a man to support her and should develop some way to make a living on her own.

 When she first graduated from high school, she worked in a shop as a salesperson, but after three years she…

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