A Crow Who Became a Fictional Character – Guest Post…

A lovely guest post on The Story Reading Ape by Olga Kuno telling us about Cyriusha the crow ~ a bird with a broken wing rescued and cared for by her family ~ who becomes a substantial character in one of her novels . . .

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bird-silhouette-png-silhouette-of-robin-png-pigeon-silhouette-png-crow-a4rhb9-clipartImage Curtesy of Clipart Kid

As a writer, I have often been asked whether my characters are inspired by real-life people. My answer is generally negative. Of course, I use my world knowledge and personal experience when I write a book, and this includes observations of other people’s behaviors, reactions and opinions. I may even literally quote some non-standard phrases that people around me (particularly my husband) love to use. But I have never tried to describe a real, familiar, individual in a novel. With one exception.

This exception is not a human being, however. It is a bird. Specifically, a crow.

One of my first fantasy novels is about a woman who has a special talent of speaking to animals. Not speaking in the most literal sense of the word; rather, she understands them, takes care of them, teaches them – and they love her and cooperate with her…

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