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An expressive poem by Kate McClelland that might move you in unexpected ways. I had to wipe a few tears as I read it. Beautiful, Kate 💚

(Featured image courtesy of Lucie Stastkova)

Kate McClelland


A family get together

Or a couple of hours sitting in a coffee shop

Are never spent without a mention of you

Remembering, we laugh over the funny things

You did or said

We grumble about things promised

But never done

Or old arguments played over again

As only siblings can

We talk about the bitterness of our loss

And even after all this time

Still cannot comprehend

That we will not see you again

This firecracker persona

That we had known

From the moment we were born

The person who had memories

Of us before we had memories to share


You left us all a memento

To remember you by

But it wasn’t necessary

As we could not and will not forget

We share a smile and hugs all round

Make our excuses to leave

With promises of meeting soon

Knowing that there will always be


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19 thoughts on “Remembering”

    1. Welcome, Sue, and thank you for visiting Kate’s site. It’s a struggle to remain bright, given the unpredictability of our government right now. But I won’t allow fear to take the reins. The Universe is full of possibilities, and anything can turn on a dime. Seems you’re feeling brighter, dear friend. I’m happy to see that. Love and hugs ❤

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      1. Thank you Tina I am feeling much brighter after working on my inner self much more… I am sure Tina everything that is happening right now has purpose and even though its hard to see at the moment.. I have to keep believing it all will prove to bring us to a better future as we all wake up to ourselves.. ❤

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