Lisa Shambrook

Plastic – Polluting our Oceans

Lisa Shambrook details the destructive force we’ve come to rely on in almost every aspect of our lives: PLASTIC. My heart is broken when I see our beloved animals suffocated and strangled; when I see plastic littering every corner of our beautiful Mother Earth; when I think of the chemicals ingested by our children, chemicals that some in the scientific community purport to be at levels below those considered harmful. This is a comprehensive article that I highly #recommend reading … 

The Last Krystallos

Do we need plastic?
That’s one of the questions I believe we should be asking ourselves,
as the ocean begins to drown in the man-made material…

Plastic - Polluting Our Oceans - The Last Krystallos

A plastic-free society is a scenario I definitely pose in my current manuscript The Seren Stone Chronicles (unedited excerpt):

‘Will’s eyebrows shot up. “There’s no plastic!”

“Legend has it that all your plastic got swallowed up by mother earth in the lunar apocalypse,” said Ianthe. “It melted in the pit of her belly.”

“Best place for it,” said Rhianna.’

In my future Wales, plastic has become a thing of the past, but how do we know how the phenomenon of this synthetic material created only 110 years ago (though natural polymers have been around for generations) and widely available from the 1940’s after the introduction of Tupperware, will ultimately affect the earth that we live on?

Plastic - Polluting Our Oceans - Earth - the last krystallos © Lisa Shambrook

I glance about me…

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21 thoughts on “Plastic – Polluting our Oceans”

  1. We’ve recently outlawed plastic grocery bags in California–a law I was happy to vote for. Individual municipalities had outlawed it prior, and I was chatting with one of the clerks at the grocery store about it, and she told me that the incidence of litter had dropped dramatically since their law passed. Okay, it’s certainly not a complete solution to the problem, but at least it’s a step in the right direction. Everybody uses paper or reusable shopping bags now. 🙂

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    1. I live in the Bay Area, Cathleen, and I cheered when this law was passed. As you say, every little bit helps. And it’s important not to lose sight of the progress we’re making, no matter how small the steps toward our goal ❤


  2. They have to make a geo thermal machine that can generate power that will break plastic down into a block and the blocks will then make homes for the homeless. The homeless will clean the cities to build a home around the machine that makes the blocks. Boom, two major problems solved.

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