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I am honored to be a member of The Sisters of the Fey, with authors Adele Marie Park, Annette Rochelle Aben, Belinda Miller, Colleen Chesebro, D.G. Kaye, M J Mallon, and Wendy Anne Darling.
Our blog focuses its intention on the seen and unseen aspects of light, magic, goodness, and love. I’m so pleased to share with you my post on Ascension. Please join us in celebrating the magic of life


The Sisters of the Fey
The Sisters of the Fey


Have you been experiencing changes in your body and/or behavior that you cannot explain? At times, do you find yourself in the throes of anxiety or depression that seem to have no trigger? Or do you, like me, feel a sense of urgency – a sense of running out of time – and a longing to go home, but have no idea where home is? If your answer is ‘yes’ to any of these, you might be experiencing symptoms of Ascension.

We incarnated into this earthwalk to learn and grow. In so doing, we forgot who we are – beings of light, elements of The Divine or Source Being – in order to fulfill our mission. But we are in the midst of evolving into the 5th dimension and awakening to the Divine within. We are transcending the relative and moving into the absolute. DNA that has been lying dormant in our bodies is beginning to shift, like the Earth’s tectonic plates, awaiting a massive eruption of awareness.

Transcending to a higher dimension requires resonating with its vibrational frequency. If something vibrates faster than our 3rd/4th dimension’s frequency, it will ascend to a higher dimension and seemingly disappear.

Gaia – Mother Earth – is undergoing an astronomical transformation. Her vibration is rapidly increasing as She evolves into a solar body. This will take many thousands of years, during which time we will have the opportunity to expand with Her and grow into peace and harmony.

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27 thoughts on “ASCENSION”

  1. Metaphysical thought (and ‘Philosophy’ in college) has been with me along my journey in its most rudimentary way… I may require a miracle for any hope to ‘ascend’. I feel my writing at times attempts to lead me toward the ‘light’… So many of us stand at the curb with our thumbs hitching a ride into the next dimension, another incarnation, perhaps, to become more connected to ASCENSION.
    Your post leaves me with a quiet desperation… ♥

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    1. All that is needed to ascend, Billy Ray, is intention and a pure heart. Pay attention to what circles within. The ride we’re trying to hitch can be missed if our eyes are closed. You may have heard the statement, ‘All are called but few are chosen.’ The truth is, ‘All are called and all are chosen.’ However, we must take the steps ourselves. No miracle required ❤

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  2. I am trying to understand your thoughts about urgency or depression…both are contradictory because those who go through the pain of depression never feel the urgency…they refuse to be connected. However I would like to dig further into this topic.

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    1. Thank you for sharing, Balroop. Urgency and depression come in waves, and not necessarily at the same time. Also, one person might feel urgency and not depression, while another might feel depression and not urgency. I went through a period of major depression when I first became ill. When I began feeling a sense of urgency to get my affairs in order, I recognized that I needed to get help. That sense of urgency saved me, but I did not feel it while deep in the depression. I don’t know what caused the urgency to arise in me when it did, but I am grateful for it. I hope this makes sense ❤

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  3. Lovely, lovely post. I had quite a few thoughts as I was reading and exploring the other links and pages in the post. First, it’s so incredible this “ascension” thing. I am not entire sure if that’s what I’m personally experiencing, but all these hours of meditation, I can say that the intuitive sense and third eye are definitely things that I feel are evolving. And well, I just know that your spirit is an ascending one. You are an incredible soul and so incredibly glad our paths have crossed. I can see your wisdom and sensitivity to the goings on of the world and it’s incredible to know that there are others who understand this path, this journey. Sending you lots of hugs on this Friday, wishes for a restful weekend and can’t wait to hear/read more of what you have to say.

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    1. Aw Cynthia, thank you for your beautiful comment. I feel blessed to be on this awesome journey with you and so many other inspired souls. Love and hugs to you, my friend ❤


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