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We are living in a time of great upheaval, the time prophesied across many cultures and religions. One of the most important things we can do is stand in our personal power and envision a world whose moral force is love and peace.
Sue Dreamwalker is a woman who exemplifies this dynamic. Her writing is uplifting, always encouraging us to come from our hearts. Her latest post suggests we consider the power of thought in the now, with an eye toward the future. I hope you will visit her inspiring BLOG ❤️


The Alchemy of Consciousness

The alchemy of consciousness that created you and me

Is nudging us to lift our hearts to open and begin to see

That the branches we stand upon within the Tree of Life

Keeps us reaching upwards, as you walk away from strife.

And from the lofty view, as we gaze back upon our path

We see the culmination of our thoughts that create such wrath

So, stand within your power, The elixir of your Light

As you open up your Vision, create a brand-new Sight.

Know that your thoughts are the paint in all you do

You can either paint in bright colours or allow fear to dim your view.

© Sue Dreamwalker Oct 2017.


Nature despite all that the seasons throws at her, she never gives in. No matter how cold or how much snow or rain has covered those new shoots, she pushes on through and ALWAYS Blooms. Giving us her best with what she has been given.  I often feel for the animals who must at times be as confused as we are, but they continue to be motivated to survive and thrive.  They never give up, no matter what is thrown at them, they learn to adapt, or they don’t survive.

Spring brought us a weeks grace here the other week when temperatures soared to record highs in the UK for April in 70 years, It lasted a week, then plummeted back to normal, and once again the wind and rain has set in. While I know in other parts of the world Snow and cold temperatures have lasted longer than normal, While in other parts Floods never seen before have been happening.

No matter what the world is showing us at the moment, be it in extreme weather or extreme behaviours, we have to be more like nature, and keep on keeping on, just being the BEST we can be.

Time is precious.  And we all of us spend far too much time worrying over things out of our control.. At times I want to rant and rave and shout my rage at what I know to be.. Yet doing so is only adding to the Chaotic energies . . .

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37 thoughts on “The Alchemy of Consciousness | Dreamwalker’s Sanctuary”

  1. Tina, you have given us a lovely and uplifting post this morning
    where the sun shines bright again.
    Beautiful poem by Sue Dreamwalker, so full of strong imagery.
    I love how live is a big tree with us on the branches.
    Quote he line: ” So, stand within your power, The elixir of your Light”.


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  2. Beautiful share of Sue’s enlightening words Tina. We must hold the intention of peace and love for mankind through the trying times before all the new good arrives. ❤

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  3. What a beautiful and inspiring post from Sue. Thanks so much for sharing it, Tina. I too loved the line “So, stand within your power, the elixir of your light…” Wow!

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  4. Thanks for sharing Sue Dreamwalker’s post, Tina. It fills me with a sense of peace and hope. I agree that we need to be all that we want to see in the world. We may slip sometimes, but as long as we keep going towards the goal, we’ll be okay.

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  5. Thank you for sharing Sue’s words. Between the two of you, my heart gets so filled with incredible wisdom, love, and a gentle prodding that asks us to be stewards – in a wonderful way – of our beautiful planet and its delicate balance that we must honor. On this Friday, I’m sending you bigs hugs, light and gratitude for all the wonderful posts and “knowing” that you share. Here’s to many more thoughts of love, hope, and faith that we as humans will wake up to the light. ✨🌻✨🌻

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  6. Beautiful and uplifting post from Sue. Thanks so much for sharing,Tina. I sometimes think that the answers to every challenge we face can be found in nature. Our mother is a very wise teacher. Heading over to Sue’s to keep reading. ❤

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  7. Thank you Tina for sharing this post way back in 2018…. I had not seen it until it came up in a Google search I was doing.. So thank you for those beautiful compliments you paid me and my Site… ❤ Love and Blessings Tina..
    Sue xx

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