Colleen Chesebro

Meet Guest Author Colleen Chesebro…

Colleen Chesebro is a guest on The Story Reading Ape today, talking about her new book, The Heart Stone Chronicles: The Swamp Fairy. Colleen is a writer, poet, and fairy whisperer. What is a fairy whisperer? Visit Chris’ blog and learn about this unique ability, as well as the symbolism of the number seven, rainbows, and ancient Greek Mythology sprinkled throughout her novel …

Chris The Story Reading Ape's Blog

Hi, everyone. Many thanks to Chris for his kind invitation to visit and write on his blog. It is much appreciated and a great honor. For those of you who do not know me, my name is Colleen Chesebro. I am a writer, a poet, and a fairy whisperer…

Yes, I bet a few of you are scratching your head wondering what I am talking about – a fairy whisperer? Let me tell you the story of the greatest experience I have ever had.

While on a walk during a warm, foggy morning in November 2014, I had a close encounter of the fairy kind. At the time, we were living in Pensacola, Florida. I still remember the day, as if it has been carved into my memory; something I will never forget.


The road I took on my morning walk

As I walked along the road, I heard a…

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4 thoughts on “Meet Guest Author Colleen Chesebro…”

  1. This post excited me because of Colleen’s encounter with the Fairy. I have a picture of a Fairy (there is no other explanation for it) and I have seen sparkles around my granchildren’s baby bed when they were tiny and believe them to be Fairies and Angels. Thank you for sharing, Tina.

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Namaste, my friends ❤ Tina

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