Splendor by Shehanne Moore

Splendor. (London Jewel Thieves.) Shehanne Moore Chapter One

Shehanne Moore ~ prolific Smexy Historical Romance author and human mother to The Dudes ~ has released her 6th novel. The Dudes introduce Chapter One of Splendor in their charming and amusing style. Congratulations, Shey!

shehanne moore


London 1810

There was nothing wrong with pistols at seven paces at dawn. Except dawn was at eight o’clock tomorrow, and Splendor had a dressmaker’s appointment then. Three thimbles and the scissors had smacked into the back of the Chinese dressing screen the last time she’d wandered in ten minutes late. Madame Renare had said these were meant for her assistant, that paying customers, even those who were behind with their bills, were sacrosanct. Splendor knew she lied, that Lady Haskins, who always had the next appointment, would depart wearing Splendor’s guts for garters if she were late again. And if she didn’t bring the money to pay her the bill.

Despite the pulse beating in her throat and her desire for the black-and-white checkered floor she stood upon to open up and swallow her, she’d promised Gabe there was nothing to this. She wouldn’t do anything…

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22 thoughts on “Splendor. (London Jewel Thieves.) Shehanne Moore Chapter One”

  1. Tina, my darling lady, thank you, thank you. Not only did OI not hear till Thursday late on this would be out on Friday, we had a fully booked weekend AND although I had proofed the book and Etopia had proofed the book, they wanted one more check done ASAP even though it was to be live whatever. ( they would reload if I found anything.) So although the book was out there and I was trying to do what I could for it, I was still proofing it. So thank you, thank you. I am just glad to get to today and some time to catch up with everyone and everything xx

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    1. I hear you, girlfriend. I felt the pressure just reading your comment! You are most welcome, as I’m so thrilled for you and delighted to share your outstanding work. Sending warm and relaxing hugs ❤

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        1. LOL, also okay, my Mr has a play on in five weeks and there was a stand off between him and the theatre co who were to be doing it, or rather this woman running this co. I have not been paying much attention cos I have been busy but it has been stand off after stand off, over everything, from involving the daughter of a late but well known throughout Scotland musician to direct her choir and sing. (She fronts a band) and will put bums on seats unlike that lot, to wanting control of every piece of publicity that goes out. Anyway this Theatre co woman called his bluiff by ‘withdrawing’ the company. We since found out the actors didn’t know ..well she has done them out of paid work. She did it not knowing our background in theatre, running accompany, directing, etc, etc. So… last week, we were also resurrecting our old company, getting some school children on board, getting new actors, and stepping in there ourselves, etc etc. I was busy looking at th4e script in terms of how many folks we would need . THAT wa sin the middle of all of copy edits, proofing, the lot. So yeah it was quite a week.

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          1. Holy crap, girlfriend, you must be ready for hibernation! But what a thrill to get the old company up and running again. Now that the books are published, you might even have time to enjoy it. Give Mr. Shey my “break a leg’ wishes 🙂 ❤

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            1. You never know what’s up mama’s sleeve, dudes. Best to play it safe until all veils are lifted. Eat a book while you’re waiting. This will give you plenty of time to keep an eye on her 🙂 ❤


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