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The Decision to Go Dark (Guest Post)

Christy Birmingham hosts Charles Yallowitz talking about the 13th book in his fantasy series, Legends of Windemere: Ritual of the Lost Lamb. Is it acceptable for a Young Adult author to go dark? Nowadays, it seems young adults thrive on the gruesome, but read what Charles has to say…

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Profile Photo of Charles Yallowitz Meet Charles E. Yallowitz, Author of the Legends of Windemere Series.

Please join me in welcoming author Charles E. Yallowitz to the blog today! His fantasy stories are truly one of a kind, as shown by the Legends of Windemere Series. With the newest book in his series, Ritual of the Lost Lamb, going live within the past week, it’s an exciting time for Charles! He’s here with a guest post that talks about the darker side of this newest novel and why he chose to go that way with the series. Take it away, Charles:

The Decision to go Dark

Thank you to Christy for letting me write a guest post to help promote my newest book, Legends of Windemere: Ritual of the Lost Lamb.  This is the 13th book of my fantasy series and it’s where things start to take a dark turn for the heroes. Luke…

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8 thoughts on “The Decision to Go Dark (Guest Post)”

  1. Catching up today Tina, after a horrendously busy weekend. I read this one over on Christy’s and think it is such a good post, in that changing our direction in a series can be a real worry. This post lets folks see that authors don’t decide on that lightly either.

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    1. Good point, Shey. I pondered several choices like this when writing my last novel. No matter the decision, you always seem to fret about it, even after publication ~ perhaps especially after publishing 🙂 ❤


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