Guest Post – Author, Tina Frisco

I want to thank Jan Sikes for featuring me on her lovely blog and giving me the opportunity to introduce my new book to her followers. Please visit and take a peek at Jan’s award-winning books. She is an exceptional author 💖

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Meet my guest today, Author, Tina Frisco. tina-4a

She has a brand new book release and I am happy to share it here.

Thank you for inviting me to be a guest on your blog, Jan. I appreciate this opportunity to talk about my new book, Vampyrie: Origin of the Vampire.

Vampyrie is not your typical vampire novel. It’s based in science and brings the myth of the vampire into the realm of possibility. Although the book is not part of a series, two primary characters from my first novel, Plateau, play major roles.

One day during my morning walk, the word Valkyrie came to mind. As you may know, a valkyrie is one of a host of female helping spirits of the god Odin in Norse mythology. Depicted as both loving and bloodthirsty, valkyries decide who lives and who dies in battle. They also assist Odin in transporting…

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16 thoughts on “Guest Post – Author, Tina Frisco”

      1. I am working my way down the email listing Tina.. its growing far too large again.. I have been spending more time crocheting and painting.. And just answering comments .. I Do not know how you keep up.. LOL… Love and Hugs to you.. and I appreciate you and your repostings of my posts.. 🙂 xxxx Much Love your way x

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        1. I’m doing the same, Sue. I’ve been off line for a couple of days (not feeling well) and am drowning in emails (that I keep up is an illusion 🙂 ). Thank goodness our community is so understanding. It’s always a pleasure to share your lovely posts. Love and hugs ❤

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          1. Sorry to hear you have not been well Tina.. I hope you are recovering!.. Yes we have a Wonderful Community here on WP.. We are blessed with so many wonderful Blogging friends..
            I Know I will never catch up.. When I was in at Christmas.. I had to delete the whole inbox and start again.. It was well over one thousand… I kept on top for a day.. LOL.. hehe..
            Take care of YOU..
            Love Sue xxx

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            1. I appreciate your good wishes, Sue. I’ve lost track of the number of times I’ve clicked “Select All” and “Delete.” It can become a matter of survival as well as sanity. Sometimes working with our hands (e.g., painting) is a lifesaver … 💖💖

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  1. So great to see you featured on Jan’s blog T. Splendid set up and excerpt, and great feedback I see. I was also reading your dialogue here with Sue, I gasp when I don’t clear out my emails daily, but we’ve talked about the overwhelming feelings we have from being inundated. Lol when I go away, I’ll still have to go to email daily just to delete, and try not to look. 🙂 Sharing around town my friend. Hope you sell a ton of books! xoxo ❤ ❤

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