The American democracy wasn’t built in a day, but it could be destroyed swiftly and imperceptibly

A delightful surprise to find this reblog of my post on chronic illness. My thanks to Marcus and the folks at ‘From guestwriters.’ Please head over and enjoy their informative blog ❤ 

From guestwriters

An American lady who felt compelled to write a novel of hope and who want us to keep our hearts open and act within love instead of reacting out of fear looks at her own country where some one pulls the strings in a dangerous manner.

She writes

Believe me when I tell you that living in the U.S. right now is like being on a nonstop roller coaster ride, minus the thrill. I don’t understand the mindset of those who think our current POTUS is America’s savior. Perhaps they’re not dependent on healthcare for their lives. Perhaps they don’t live paycheck-to-paycheck. Perhaps they’ve never experienced having the rug pulled out from under them. Or perhaps they’ve experienced all of these and are so desperate for change that they cannot see through all the lies.

One has only to read how Hitler came to power in 1930’s Germany to see…

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19 thoughts on “The American democracy wasn’t built in a day, but it could be destroyed swiftly and imperceptibly”

  1. Just as true if not more so this time round. Health care hasn’t improved, Lies are continually on the lips of POTUS and the slaughters in schools & churches is beyond sickening but the NRA rule the roost.
    I hope things have improved for you over this time frame and you’re more secure.
    xxx Sending Humongous Hugs xxx

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  2. Sigh. This is a daily conversation with husby and I. The only thing we’ve come up with – that gives us actual evidence – is that the Other party lacks empathy: empathy and compassion for those who are not like them. It’s frustrating and one hopes that they’ll learn to open their hearts to understand that taking care of ALL citizens makes for a better country. I’m just afraid they’re more keen on the Lord and Surf system…😢

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