ADB 2018 First Lines Winner

Vampyrie Wins @AUTHORSdb 2018 First Lines Contest

I’m thrilled to announce that my book, Vampyrie, won the gold in the AUTHORSdb 2018 First Lines Contest!


Vampyrie by Tina Frisco


I was up against some pretty tough competition and was honored to be among so many talented writers.



The 2019 contest is now open. ENTER HERE


Winning this award has once again shown me the importance of reworking those first lines until they jump off the page and grab the reader.

For those of you interested in my work, all of my books can be purchased on Amazon.



Tina Frisco - Author


My thanks to everyone who took the time to log in to AUTHORSdb and vote for my book. I’m very grateful to all of you.
Thanks so much for stopping by ❤️

122 thoughts on “Vampyrie Wins @AUTHORSdb 2018 First Lines Contest”

        1. Thanks, Tina! I’ll connect on FB. I like your writing style. Full of show (action) and, dialogue and narrative inner thoughts. That’s how I like to write. I took a year long Copyediting Certificate Program in 2010 just to write better, not to start a business. It helped, plus writing as a co-aurhor, and now writing my own book. Practice, practice, practice! Christine

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            1. Thanks, Tina! I do edit for family, friends & a screenwriter. We collaborate on her scripts and she reciprocates by reading my chapters. Believe me working with a screenwriter, my dialogue improved and sentences tightened up! 📚 Christine

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        2. Vampyrie origin of the vampire arrived today. I read the first 5 chapters and can’t stop reading. I just know the rest of the book will be fast moving and full of twists and turns. I’ll write a review the I finish. Happy Reading! Christine

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            1. It may take a few weeks to read, Tina. Not because I want to put it down though. I love the shorter chapters and the compelling push to read the next. I’ll read at break time. I’m studying for a DMV written test to take the beginning of July. For a CA driver’s license renewal anyone over the age of 70 has to prove they know the rules of driving. (rolls eyes and sighs) Christine

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              1. Oh, I’m SO unhappy to hear that and SO not looking forward to it. I’ll be catching up to you in a few years, so maybe I’d best start preparing now 🙂 Don’t put any pressure on yourself about finishing the book. Everything happens in its own time and when it’s mean to be ❤️

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                1. Tina, your book will be a welcomed break from the DMV studying. I took it 5 years ago and got all correct. (I’m really old as dirt). There are test questions online to study. Know all of those and you’ll pass. 💜 Christine

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  1. Yeah!! 🎉😀 Congratulations, Tina!! I’m so happy for you and very well deserved. Yep, a reminder for us all about the importance of those first lines, paragraphs, page! Hope you’re having a celebration! Hugs xx

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  2. So wonderful! Congratulations! Those first lines…yup. I think a lot of people will read that first page and decide whether it’s a story worth reading just from those first few lines. Kudos to you! And just look at all those other books you have there. You go! So psyched for you as you continue on this journey. Can’t wait to see what else you’re working on and what you’ll publish!

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